Rock House Inspections

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Residential Inspections

My Full Inspection Includes:

 Foundations  Roof, roof structure and attic

Grading and Drainage

 Attic power vents

Interior walls, doors, ceilings and floors

Exterior walls, doors, windows, and door glazing

Fireplace and chimney

Porches, decks and carports

All built-in appliances

Bathroom exhaust vents and electric heaters

Cooling systems A/C and evaporative

Heating systems

Whole house vacuum systems

Ducts, vents and flues

Electrical service entrance panels, grounds, bonding and circuit protection

Electrical branch circuits, connected devices and fixtures

Plumbing water supply, fixtures, drains and vents

Water heaters

Hydrotherapy equipment

Lawn and garden sprinkler systems

Doorbells and chimes

Garage door operator










Quality reports via email

assure prompt information and

smooth the home sale process.


We accept personal checks and cash.

Energy Inspections

Energy inspections 
examine, measure, and evaluate the factors that affect energy use in your home, e.g., size of the home, efficiency of appliances, insulation, draftiness of rooms, and efficiency of heating and cooling systems. 


The findings gathered during the energy inspection are analyzed using specialized software to produce a comprehensive Home Energy

Tune-uP® Report. The Report shows which energy-efficiency improvements would reduce energy costs and make the home more comfortable. The analysis takes into account regional variables such as local weather, implementation costs, and fuel prices.


The Report contains estimates of the savings, costs and payback for each energy-efficiency recommendation. It identifies the group of improvements that, if financed, will save more on energy bills than it costs. These are the improvements that everyone can make since they require no out-of-pocket cost when financed.


The detailed Recommendations section enables contractors to provide preliminary cost estimates without a visit to your home. It also explains how to get the best energy savings from these improvements by listing related no-cost low-cost measures that you can take.


The average energy savings

 from a Home Energy Tune-uP® 

are $450 annually. 


Said another way,

realistic savings are 20% to 25%

of present energy bills.


Inspections start at $125


Inspections done in conjunction

with real estate inspections

start at $75













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